The Diamond Fund 

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If you are ready to see countless treasures of Russian Imperial Court and go blind of shining diamonds and sparkling emeralds, we are glad to invite you to the Diamond Fund – the unique collection of jewelry, gems and nuggets in the heart of Moscow.

Цена: от 2186.25 RUB

In fact, the Diamond Fund is just an exhibition in the Armory Chamber of the Moscow Kremlin, but it is more important and more visited than many large museums. The collection of jewelry of the Diamond Fund has a great historical, scientific and cultural significance, and its material value is even greater. That’s why the fund forms part of the State Fund treasury of the Russian Federation.

The collection of the Diamond Fund was started by the Emperor Peter the First, who created the Diamond Room in the Winter Palace, the residence of Russian emperors in Petersburg, to store the crown jewels. Later, the rulers enriched this collection. Empresses Elizabeth and Catherine the Great made a special contribution, because during their reign the Russian imperial court was one of the most gorgeous. The collection changed, but its base was always made up of precious stones, state regalia, insignia and ceremonial jewelry, created by the best jewelers of their times. A sad page in the history of the Diamond Fund was the period of the formation of the Soviet state in Russia, when the government in desperate need of money sold out a huge amount of crown jewels. But later the Diamond Fund became the museum and its collection has even grown up.

During the excursion at the halls of Diamond fund, you will see treasures created by both nature and human. The collection of precious stones and metal nuggets includes famous diamonds “Orlov” and “Shah”, two unique black diamonds, blue and pink diamonds, the world's largest Ceylon blue sapphire and the most transparent chrysolite, the golden nugget called “Camel” because of its shape. Among the works of jewelry art there are the Great Imperial Crown of Russia, made for the coronation of Catherine the Great, jewelry of Russian empresses - the Grand Bouquet, the Diadem of Empress Maria Feodorovna, wife of Emperor Paul I, and such orders of the Russian Empire as the Order of St. Andrew.

20 persons – 25 € person/2000 руб. на человека

Информация на сайте не является публичной офертой и носит информативный характер: для уточнения обратитесь, пожалуйста, к менеджерам.

Время в пути и продолжительность экскурсии указано ориентировочное.

На всех экскурсиях необходимо иметь с собой паспорт, на детей — свидетельство о рождении.

Иностранные граждане должны иметь при себе миграционную карту.

При группе более 19 человек предоставляется автобус марки Mercedes, Man, Neoplan, Setra, Yutong, ShenLong или аналог. При группе до 19 человек предоставляется микроавтобус Mercedes Sprinter или аналог, предварительная рассадка в салоне может отличаться.

Другие важные условия бронирования экскурсий.

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