The Battle of Borodino  

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Borodino site of the most famous battle in the War of 1812 is 130 kilometers (80 miles) southwest of Moscow.
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Welcome to an exceptional trip! We could help you to plunge into the atmosphere of the battle of Borodino. You won’t be able to miss any detail because you will be accompanied by two guides, dressed in costumes of XIX century, which help you to feel the era of the French Invasion of Russia. Also you will learn some interesting facts about history of Russia and France during the Napoleonic wars, which had influenced modern age. We will reveal you the figure of Napoleon Bonaparte and solve the mystery of his talents in politics and military leadership. Also you will learn about his role in the development of engineering and designing.

In the first part of the trip we will be ready to reveal the following secrets:

  • How did the Egyptology appear?
  • What role did Napoleon Bonaparte play in the Aeronautics?
  • How did Napoleon Bonaparte try to enter Russian military service?
  • What was a shako and what did soldiers of that era keep in it?
  • How tall were French hussars?
  • Why did ladies need a hand fan?

We will help you to understand how people lived in that historic period and tell you details of everyday life, cuisine, clothes and society.

We will describe you the main heroes of the battle of Borodino: Mikhail Kutuzov, Andrei Gorchakov, Pyotr Bagration, Nikolay Raevsky and many others.

After the first part of the trip we go to the Doronino camp where you will learn about life of common people of that period. There we will invite you to a typical countryside dwelling, which was built in the beginning of XIX century. In the Doronino camp all exhibits are interacting: you could watch and touch all of them. But it’s not all, after this excursion you will have a lunch in XIX century style. You could taste national dishes from the Borodino period: porridge, pirozhki and a whole samovar of tea.

Trip program:

  • Theatricalized excursion
  • Museum «Borodinskoe pole»: excursion to the Borodino field, Museum of Military History
  • The Doronino camp: interactive excursion to XIX century countryside dwelling, introduction to national handicrafts
  • A lunch in XIX century style
  • On the way back there will be a quiz, winners will get prizes

14-24 persons - 43 €/person
25-45 persons+ - 36/person

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Иван Дубов
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